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Two dead, several injured in Poinciana collision

A common misconception about the car accidents that occur in Sarasota (and throughout the rest of the U.S.) is that they are almost always the result of one's blatant recklessness or negligence. Yet there is a reason why such incidents are described as "accidents." Few people may ever actually intend to cause a car accident; rather, crashes are typically the result of a mistake or momentary lapse in judgment on the part of a driver. While such mistakes may indeed be unintentional, they still can produce devastating consequences. 

What are the advantages of being a defensive driver?

While you can make a commitment to eliminating distractions and keeping your full focus on driving safely, you will always encounter a handful of drivers in Florida whose reckless behavior is both unnerving and dangerous. Your ability to recognize hazardous drivers and maneuver around them safely and respectfully is imperative to your ability to stay safe. 

Driving in the dark increases risk of accidents

As the seasons change, it gets dark earlier in Florida, and this means there are more people on the road during this time. Driving at this time poses increased risks compared to driving during the middle of the day, and people should follow certain tips to stay safe.

Traffic signal deaths reach a 10-year high

As a Florida motorist, you have undoubtedly noticed that red-light cameras are becoming increasingly visible on many of the state’s roadways, and with good reason – traffic signal deaths are on the rise. Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, understands that there is often a direct correlation between distracted driving and traffic signal crashes and fatalities, and we have assisted many people who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in crashes involving traffic signals seek recourse in the aftermath.

Risks that could increase your chances of PTSD after an accident

When you are involved in a car accident in Florida, it may not take even a serious impact to create mental stress and anxiety for you. The sheer surprise and inability to prevent what has happened is enough to trigger feelings of despair and fear when you have to get behind the wheel again. At Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, we are committed to providing victims of car accidents with the needed support to aid in their recovery. 

Drive safe in construction zones

Construction zones can increase the risk of accidents and injuries in Florida. Not only do these work zones have workers in close proximity to drivers, but there are typically lane changes, narrowed lanes and speed reductions that can take drivers by surprise if they are not paying attention. Drivers must stay alert and follow certain safety tips so everything remains accident and injury free.

Seasonal allergies and the risk of a motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists may find themselves in an accident for many reasons, from a driver’s inebriated state of mind to weather conditions that impact the road. At certain times of year, such as the spring and summer, people in some parts of the country have a very hard time with seasonal allergies. Not only can these allergies result in very uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, nasal drip and sneezing, but they can also make a motorcycle accident more likely. As a result, it is important for motorcyclists to be aware of these risks, even if they do not struggle with allergies themselves.

Recovering from a crash as a bodybuilder

Motor vehicle collisions can be devastating for anyone, but for some people, such as competitive bodybuilders or those who spend a lot of time working on their physique, an accident can be especially devastating. For example, a bodybuilder may be forced to drop out of a competition that they were preparing for, and they may have put months or even years of effort into preparing for the event. Unfortunately, a devastating accident injury can derail these plans and leave victims unable to keep working out.

Driver runs red light in Moore Haven, kills 2

Despite news of car accidents in Sarasota being fairly common, most likely assume that such an incident may never happen to them. They may believe that by obeying the rules of the road and practicing defensive driving strategies, they will be able to avoid car accidents altogether. While there is something to be said about how safe driving translates to a general increased sense of safety on the road, people cannot plan for the actions of others, and all it takes is one negligent or careless driver to involve others in accidents that they not only may have never thought they would be a part of, but also could have not comprehended the extent of damages they might face. 

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