Riding a motorcycle in Florida is more dangerous than riding in a car. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics indicate that while 13 out of every 100,000 motor vehicles are involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident, this number more than quadruples for motorcycle drivers. An estimated 72 out of every 100,000 motorcyclists are involved in fatal accidents.

Staying safe while operating a motorcycle is essential to get everyone to their destination safely. Taking a course from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the best way to learn safety tactics and necessary precautions. Wearing the proper safety gear, such as an approved helmet and jacket with bright colors, can protect riders and make other drivers aware of motorcycles on the road.

One of the most common motorcycle accidents is when a car changes lanes, and the driver doesn’t see a motorcycle, hitting the cyclist. Even the most defensive rider may not be able to avoid this situation. Predicting when lane changes are going to happen, staying far away from cars so that blind spots don’t occur and driving defensively may help. Other ways to stay safe on the road include avoiding loose gravel on the side of streets, being aware of cars that may suddenly turn in front of a motorcycle and slowing down when turning around a corner.

Though many people tend to blame collisions involving motorcycles on motorcycle drivers, this is an unfair bias. Both vehicle and motorcycle drivers have the responsibility to be aware of who is on the road and drive defensively. Those who are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a motorcycle may need extensive medical treatment. A lawyer may help by looking at the accident reports. If the driver behaved negligently, it may be possible to file a civil lawsuit against those responsible for the accident. The injured parties may then receive medical and compensatory damages to help while they recover.