If you were injured in a car accident and found that the other driver was responsible, you may be able to file a claim against that driver’s insurance company. Florida is a no-fault state, so your injuries would need to meet the serious injury threshold for this to happen; otherwise, you can only receive what comes through your PIP coverage. Assuming that you can file a claim, though, you may be reimbursed for these economic and non-economic losses.

Medical expenses and lost wages

First is your medical expenses, starting with the ambulance ride and whatever care you received in the ER the day of your accident. It can also include any imaging tests that were done, any surgery performed and the full length of your hospital stay. You may also seek compensation for your follow-up visits and for ongoing medical care if the injuries turned out to be severe. Every expense related to rehabilitation, including physical therapy or speech therapy, can be included.

While you were recovering, you were probably not working or could only work in a limited capacity. A successful claim could cover these losses, too.

Pain and suffering and emotional trauma

Non-economic losses are those losses that cannot be quantified, such as physical pain and loss of consortium. Victims who were permanently scarred may be remunerated for the emotional suffering this caused.

A lawyer to give you local representation

Not all motor vehicle accidents can form the basis for a claim, so you may want a lawyer to assess your case before moving forward with anything. If retained, the lawyer may represent you at the negotiation table, sidestepping all those tactics that insurers use to force people into low-ball settlements. Third parties might even come in to gather evidence from the crash reconstruction proving the defendant’s guilt.