Drowsy Driving Prevention Week takes place November 1st through 8th, 2020. The week is used to spread awareness about the danger of driving while drowsy across the United States including Florida. It also encourages the public to take a look at the social media campaigns and share the information. Drowsy driving is essentially impaired driving, so it is dangerous.

In the previous year, the National Sleep Foundation found that 20% of drivers surveyed had fallen asleep at some time point during a drive. At least 40% admitted this had happened at least once in all their years of driving. A Governors Highway Safety Association report found that about 5,000 people died in 2015 because they were involved in a drowsy driving-related accident. Fatigued drivers are three times more likely to be involved in car accidents because their reaction time and awareness of hazards drops.

An individual who is nodding off, yawning frequently or having trouble keeping their eyes open is too tired to drive. Missing road signs, drifting lanes and being unable to maintain a steady speed are other red flags. All drivers are susceptible to drowsy driving including truck drivers. When a truck driver gets on the road in his truck, he is driving because it is his job. Truck drivers have to maintain a schedule, so it is not uncommon for them to attempt to drive while being a little drowsy.

There are several things that trucking companies can do to help prevent car accidents with their trucks and drivers. Technology is one option. Encouraging their drivers to get more sleep is another. Individuals who are in a car accident with a truck should speak with a legal professional as soon as possible. If you or your passengers suffer an injury, a lawyer may manage the case so that you can heal.