A construction defect can be declared when a home or building in Florida is either not constructed in a reasonable fashion or fails to function as intended. The deficiency responsible for the defect can possibly be found in the design, planning, construction, or inspection part of the building process.

Some of the most common construction defects for a home or building include problems with structural integrity, expansive soils, mechanical or electrical malfunctions, and water intrusion issues. Problems with the doors, windows, and glass of a structure are also a common point of contention.

A design deficiency is said to occur when the architects or engineers involved with a particular project deliver a plan that results in a defect. One example of this is a roof that provides poor structural support or causes drainage problems.

Problems can also arise when low-quality building materials are used to complete a construction project. This problem is often detected in windows, roof shingles, and drywall. The wall products used in areas that are often damp like the laundry room and bathroom are also of concern.

Poor workmanship from contractors can result in problems in any part of a new home or building construction. The list of potential problems includes rotting wood, cracks in the walls and foundations of a building structure, plumbing problems, and insect infestations.

Despite the enormous damage that a defect in the construction of a home or building can cause, the source of the problem can go undetected for quite some time. Because of this, it can be difficult to establish and argue a complaint once a construction defect is revealed. Individuals who feel they have incurred damage as the result of a construction defect within a home or building may find it helpful to speak with a construction defect attorney before taking further action.