The Sunshine State remains a place where people live healthy lifestyles. Bicycling and jogging remain two ways people in Florida stay fit and active. When engaging in these hobbies, it also pays to stay aware. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and both bicyclists and pedestrians can suffer injuries when hit by a car.

Incredibly, a design problem is sometimes blamed for the injuries inflicted on people. In many cities, steps taken to create bike lanes and “pedestrianized zones” were noble, albeit often poorly done.

The distances provided to cyclists and walkers aren’t always adequate, resulting in putting pedestrians and bicyclists in danger. Not every driver adheres to speeding laws and other road rules. Blind spots also create hazards. Not everyone realizes such dangers exist. However, they are there.

Other the past several years, traffic fatalities decreased among drivers. Such information lulls people into thinking everyone on the road experiences similar “good fortune.” Bicyclists and pedestrians experienced a fatality rate increase, which should raise alarms and vigilance. Unfortunately, things remain risky for people on or near roads outside of a vehicle.

Not every driver of cars, trucks, and other automobiles thinks about people traveling in bike lanes or walkways. Not paying attention to those lanes can cause a terrible accident. A person on a bicycle would suffer tremendously if hit full-force by an SUV traveling at more than 45 miles-per-hour. Of course, a vehicle need not be that large nor move very fast to inflict severe bodily injury or death.

An attorney can examine the particulars of cyclist/pedestrian accidents. A lawyer could explain to a client ways in which a driver may have been negligent, and what the injured party’s options are.

In filing a civil suit, an attorney may seek punitive damages for negligence. Compensation for lost income, pain and suffering, and medical may be possible, as well.