Florida’s Gulf Coast region is widely lauded for a host of interrelated factors – such as enviable weather, world-class beaches and an overall high standard of living – that steadily attract home buyers. Unquestionably, homeowner satisfaction across the area is high.

Not for every individual or family, though.

Here’s a hard reality that occasionally surfaces for select homeowners everywhere: Their residence turns out to have problems they never anticipated. Moreover, they don’t know how to address troublesome issues or who to turn to for help.

Construction-linked shortcomings in a home are obviously more than merely irritating for residents, as noted in an in-depth online overview of the subject matter. That primer stresses that, “One of the most stressful aspects of purchasing, building or remodeling a home is the potential for known and unknown construction defects.”

What do you do if your dream home turns out to be, well, anything but that?

You might reasonably want to turn for help to a proven construction law attorney with a demonstrated record of homeowner advocacy in construction defect matters.

Defect cases can be complex, and legal counsel with experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants can spell added value for a beleaguered homeowner. An initial task for a seasoned construction law attorney will be to identify the source and extent of a defect. Problems commonly relate to things like the following:

  • Design defects (e.g., architectural or engineering glitches)
  • Material defects (for example, inferior products below mandated standards)
  • Construction defects marked by problems linked with the actual building of a home
  • Downsides linked with extreme weather, subsurface defects and related issues

Third-party negligence is often a primary catalyst in a construction defect case, and it will be important for an attorney to identify all responsible parties and hold them accountable.

Multiple and varied remedies can be available to a homeowner in a construction defect case. An experienced construction law attorney will work diligently to secure an optimal outcome in every matter.