A five-car accident on US 301 near 63rd Avenue East in Bradenton, Florida, left one person dead, at least five people injured and multiple vehicles destroyed after a morning accident on Dec. 10.

According to the police, a 38-year-old resident of Sarasota was approaching the intersection in a 2001 Ford van when traffic suddenly slowed. Investigators say that it appears the driver didn’t realize the vehicles ahead where slowing. As a result, he plowed his van directly into a 1997 Chevy.

A chain reaction accident started immediately. The Chevy crashed into a 2000 Toyota, which forced the Toyota into a 2010 Mustang. The Mustang was then propelled into a 2019 Dodge Ram.

In the end, the driver of the Ford van only suffered minor injuries, as did two others. The Chevy’s driver — who was struck first — died almost immediately, and a passenger in that vehicle was seriously injured. The driver of the Toyota, which was struck second, a 35-year-old woman from St. Petersburg, also suffered devastating injuries.

The Ford’s driver was cited for careless driving, but an investigation into the wreck is ongoing. Multicar accidents are some of the most complicated you can encounter on the road. Victims who suffer injuries in these kinds of accidents often find themselves caught in a veritable shell game with the insurance companies as everyone seeks to avoid liability. That can leave them without the medical care and financial resources they need to survive.

The victims of this accident and the survivors of the victim that died will hopefully seek experienced legal representation to help them obtain the compensation they deserve for their losses. Should you find yourself in a similar situation after a multicar accident, seek legal advice as soon as possible.