A common misconception about the car accidents that occur in Sarasota (and throughout the rest of the U.S.) is that they are almost always the result of one’s blatant recklessness or negligence. Yet there is a reason why such incidents are described as “accidents.” Few people may ever actually intend to cause a car accident; rather, crashes are typically the result of a mistake or momentary lapse in judgment on the part of a driver. While such mistakes may indeed be unintentional, they still can produce devastating consequences. 

This fact was reaffirmed in a recent accident that occurred near Poinciana. While the exact details (including the cause of the accident are still under investigation), authorities do know that a woman driving along a local road apparently lost control of her vehicle and turned into oncoming traffic, where it collided head-on with an approaching vehicle. The woman and her passengers (her two young brothers and a man whose relationship with her was not reported) all sustained serious injuries and were rushed to local hospitals for treatment. The vehicle they hit was carrying a woman and her granddaughter. Sadly, both of them were killed in the collision. 

Investigators in this case do not believe that alcohol played a role. Indeed, it is often determined in cases like this that a tiny bit inattention is what ultimately led to a collision. Many might think that accident victims are eager to take action against those who display such inattentiveness behind the wheel in order to punish them, yet in reality, such action is often necessary in order for them to handle the financial losses they are left to deal with. Anyone needing to take such action in a car accident case may wish to seek out the services of an experienced attorney.