Serious car accidents often occur so fast that it can be impossible to later recall exactly what happened. Even if you think you know what happened, time and your injuries may cause your memory to fail or details to fade.

That’s where accident reconstruction experts often come in. They use their education and skills in law enforcement, science, physics and math to gather important evidence and piece together the events.

How does an accident reconstruction expert work?

Accident reconstruction experts are often able to extract valuable data about a wreck from the damage to the vehicles involved, the damage to any surrounding objects or buildings, surveillance camera footage, eyewitness reports and photos. The reconstruction expert uses math and science to interpret evidence like:

  • Impact points on the vehicles
  • Tire marks on the road
  • The distance and placement of debris relative to the accident
  • The “black boxes” in the vehicle, which can reveal speeds of impact
  • Cellphone data (in suspected distracted driving cases)

How can an accident reconstruction expert help you win a case?

Once they analyze all the data, reconstruction experts can come up with a clearer picture of exactly what happened in the accident. Such experts often create great visual guides that clearly illustrate for an insurance company or jury how an accident occurred, who was at fault, and why the injuries a victim suffered are to be expected from that kind of crash.

Naturally, every car accident claim doesn’t need to involve a reconstruction expert — but serious ones often due, especially if the insurance company is fighting you. Find out more about how crash reconstruction might help you.