While you can make a commitment to eliminating distractions and keeping your full focus on driving safely, you will always encounter a handful of drivers in Florida whose reckless behavior is both unnerving and dangerous. Your ability to recognize hazardous drivers and maneuver around them safely and respectfully is imperative to your ability to stay safe. 

If you notice someone driving erratically including speeding, tailgating or failing to maintain their lane, you may consider taking note of his or her license plate and then finding a safe place to stop and call 911. You can report the driver and provide his or her license plate number along with details about the location of where you are driving to provide dispatchers with reliable information to find the dangerous driver quickly. 

Defensive driving is your ability to be aware of your surroundings in a manner that allows you to safely and efficiently work around hazards that you may encounter while you are driving. According to safemotorist.com, there are defensive driving courses that you can take to increase your awareness of how to operate your vehicle with confidence and agility to protect yourself against people and situations that could pose a potential threat to your safety while driving. Some of the topics that may be addressed include how to react to environmental hazards, vehicle emergencies and construction zones. 

Being a defensive driver allows you to operate your vehicle with ease even when you come across potentially dangerous situations. If you are involved in an accident, your ability to drive defensively may help to lessen the impact of the accident if you are able to maneuver your vehicle to limit injury to yourself and your passengers. The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.