As a Florida motorist, you have undoubtedly noticed that red-light cameras are becoming increasingly visible on many of the state’s roadways, and with good reason – traffic signal deaths are on the rise. Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, understands that there is often a direct correlation between distracted driving and traffic signal crashes and fatalities, and we have assisted many people who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in crashes involving traffic signals seek recourse in the aftermath.

According to NBC News, since 2012, the total number of traffic deaths in the United States has increased 10%, but the number of traffic signal-involved road fatalities has skyrocketed nearly 30%. Furthermore, more than 930 people lost their lives in crashes involving other drivers who ran red lights in 2017, and current estimates suggest that two people die on the nation’s roadways every day in incidents involving traffic lights.

There are a number of possible factors contributing to the recent uptick in traffic light-related road deaths. Many believe that cellphone use and similar distracted driving behaviors likely played a big role in the increase. In some cases, poorly timed light cycles may have also contributed to crashes. If a light has a yellow cycle that is too brief, for example, drivers may mistakenly think they can proceed through the intersection, potentially colliding with other motorists moving in different directions.

While the dangers you face while navigating intersections in vehicles are considerable, so, too, are those you face as a cyclist or pedestrian. Therefore, you should take care to only cross intersections when the signals indicate it is safe to do so, and even then, it will serve you well to exercise extreme vigilance before proceeding. Learn more about car wrecks by visiting our webpage.