Motorcyclists may find themselves in an accident for many reasons, from a driver’s inebriated state of mind to weather conditions that impact the road. At certain times of year, such as the spring and summer, people in some parts of the country have a very hard time with seasonal allergies. Not only can these allergies result in very uncomfortable symptoms such as headaches, nasal drip and sneezing, but they can also make a motorcycle accident more likely. As a result, it is important for motorcyclists to be aware of these risks, even if they do not struggle with allergies themselves.

Some motorcyclists may have an especially difficult time with allergies due to their level of exposure to pollen while riding a motorcycle. Allergies can interfere with one’s ability to operate a motorcycle (or any other type of vehicle) and make a crash more likely. Someone who struggles with allergies may be fatigued due to sleep loss, or their symptoms may distract them from the road. Moreover, many people turn to medication and some of these drugs can result in drowsiness.

Even if a motorcyclist is not affected by pollen, they may be struck by a driver who is having a hard time due to seasonal allergies. This is just one of the many risk factors that motorcyclists should take into account if they take to the road during the spring and summer. Sometimes, those who are involved in a motorcycle collision need to take further action after the crash, such as filing a lawsuit.