When subcontractors are hired to work on a job in Florida, they are often given a range of flexibility in which to complete their work with little to no supervision from the job’s overseer. However, making sure that these individuals and companies are upholding their portion of the agreement and are completing high-quality work within the parameters that have been set, is an object that is best achieved with the implementation of a signed contract. 

Chron says that subcontractors have rights that allow them to have access to a working environment that is free of hazards. Just as the general contractor is entitled to sue for damages, subcontractors can also file a formal legal claim if they feel that the general contractor has broken the contract. The companies chosen as subcontractors should uphold a superior standard of work as it will reflect back on the general contractor and their company’s reputation. 

A well-written contract is critical to providing a clear outline of each party’s obligations to the other. Improvenet.com says that a “detailed description” should be provided of all of the work that is supposed to be completed by the subcontractors. The contract should also discuss legalities including permits, a timeline of events and how adequate insurance will be maintained for the project. 

A significant portion of the contract should address how payment of services will operate for both parties. This may include at what time throughout the process that the payments will be due, as well as how repercussions will be leveled if a discrepancy occurs in the quality of the work that was promised.