Most business owners in Florida already know that a slip-and-fall may result in insurance claims and a potential lawsuit. While this is the most commonly known illustration of premises liability, there is more to keeping commercial property safe than just reducing falls.

Forbes reminds business owners that whether or not a business owns or leases the property they operate on, they are responsible for everyone who enters that property. In fact, even trespassers may have some rights.

Maintaining safe premises thus becomes a big responsibility for employers. Here are some simple tips a business owner may follow to promote safety and protect their business:

  •          Remain vigilant. Encourage employees to be committed to their safety and that of others. Employees should feel empowered to report any unsafe conditions, thereby reducing the likelihood of correcting these issues before an accident occurs.
  •          Resolve issues. When unsafe conditions are reported, they should be corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, accidents may occur anyway. In addition to this, employees may stop reporting incidents if they feel management will not take appropriate action.
  •          Post signs. Sometimes unsafe conditions can not be corrected immediately, such as when construction work is taking place or after an overnight winter freeze. In these cases, businesses should post signs to warn people who enter the property.
  •          Purchase insurance. Forbes also recommends getting adequate insurance coverage. Having sufficient coverage helps to ensure that no matter how serious an injury is, the business may be protected from large out-of-pocket expenses.
  •          Hire on-site security. Few things say committed to safety as much as hiring third-party on-site security. Ideally, this should include both security officers and live surveillance cameras posted around the property.

Unfortunately, even premises with the best safety measures in place may still be home to some accidents. This may happen if a patron brings an animal onto the premises that attacks another patron, or if a robbery occurs and proper security measures were not in place. Whatever the reason, if you are skillfully prepared for these worst-case scenarios, you may have a much better chance of protecting your business, while still reserving the opportunity to provide compensation where possible to anyone affected.