There are many different risks that young children face each day, but traffic accidents are especially concerning. Not only do kids face the risk of being involved in a traffic crash while riding in a vehicle (especially teen drivers), but they may also be hit by a car while walking to school or playing near the road. Moreover, young children may cause traffic crashes if they play in the road or interfere with traffic in some way (such as losing control of a skateboard or sending a ball onto the roadway).

If you are a parent, it is important to help protect your kids, especially if you live near a busy road or your kids frequently find themselves alongside the road for any reason. Some children, especially those who are very young, should not be left unattended. For example, a toddler may walk onto the roadway and a driver may be unable to avoid hitting them.

Sadly, many young lives have been claimed far too soon as a result of pedestrian accidents, and countless children have been injured in pedestrian accidents. When kids play near the road, they may also pose a threat to drivers who find themselves in the middle of an accident with another vehicle as well.

Aside from these concerns, some kids have been hit by reckless drivers who veered off the road because they were under the influence of alcohol or driving far too fast. If another person’s negligent behavior has caused you or your child to become injured in a traffic crash, taking legal action may be pivotal.