If you are like a lot of people who live in Florida, you have heard much about the development of self-driving cars. Whether or not you are supportive of these vehicles, it is wise to gain an understanding of them as it is likely they will be implemented more and more in the coming years.

One thing you should know is that all vehicles with autonomous driving capabilities are not the same. In fact, Techopedia indicates that the Society of Automotive Engineers has identified six distinct levels of autonomy in vehicles. The lowest level is something that might fit the profile of a vehicle 20 years old as the level zero vehicles have absolutely no autonomous capabilities at all. At the other end of the spectrum, level five vehicles are completely automated and would never include the involvement of a human to operate.

Most modern vehicles are level one, offering some assistance but it is always initiated by the driver. Levels two, three and four all feature increasing levels of autonomy and reliance on technology with level four being completely self-driven but allowing a human driver to take control if need be. A level three vehicle is the lowest level at which a car can drive itself but this only happens in select situations.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to help Florida residents better understand the evolving nature of autonomous vehicle technology and the role that self-driving cars may or may not play in their future and in improving safety on the road.