Being in control of a motor vehicle is a tremendous responsibility. You might remember how scary it was to get on the highway the first time as a teenage driver. At the same time, it may have been thrilling.

While it might seem as though you are only responsible for your own vehicle, the greater reality is that you must watch out for others as well. Remaining alert to what is happening around you can potentially help you avoid an accident. It can also make you aware of those who need your help.

Rollover accident in Sarasota

Recently in Sarasota, a Kia Sedona hit a teen driver’s Audi. After flipping multiple times, the Audi landed on its roof in a hotel parking lot.

Although no harm came to bystanders, the 19-year-old driver was critically injured. And while some people who witnessed the accident ran to help, surveillance feeds show the Sedona driving away.

Ways to stay safe while attending to the scene of an accident

While police search for the driver of the hit-and-run, it may be important to consider how you can help if you see a similar situation unfold. There are steps you can take in effort to maintain your own safety while you assist another driver. These include:

  • Park at a safe distance to leave room for emergency responders
  • Use your hazard lights or flares to alert other drivers of the accident
  • Call 911
  • Assess the scene of the accident
  • If it is safe to do so, provide help to those involved

You might not have professional training related to responding to emergency situations. And you might feel as though you do not know what to do. Depending on the circumstances, you may be afraid of getting sued if you hurt someone while trying to help.

Florida’s laws protect Good Samaritans

Florida has laws in place to protect you from liability when you act in response to an emergency situation. If you help someone to the best of your ability, according to the “Good Samaritan Act” you “shall not be held liable.”

Unfortunately, accidents happen far too often. And you might not feel as though you are equipped to help. However, depending on the situation, your assistance could save another driver’s life. Remembering that could help you overcome any momentary fear.