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February 2019 Archives

What you should know about aggressive driving

Thousands of motorists fill the highways and roadways of Florida on a daily basis. Everyone is rushing to their destination, and a number of people get angry while doing so. According to data released by AAA, nearly 80 percent of drivers across the country admit to driving in an aggressive fashion at some point. Whether you are trying to get home from work or are rushing to get to an important meeting, it can be frustrating to be stuck in traffic. Yet, aggressive driving behaviors can quickly turn deadly. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 56 percent of fatal car accidents involved aggressive driving behaviors. As a way to prevent these catastrophic accidents from occurring, you should be aware of the signs of road rage and know what to do if you see them.

How Florida statutes define premises liability

Some people may seem more "accident-prone" than others, but when there are dangerous conditions on someone else's Florida property, you do not have to be uncoordinated to be susceptible to falling. The team at Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, often counsels clients about their options for compensation after an injury caused by someone else's negligence.

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