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December 2018 Archives

The necessity of good communication in construction

As in any industry, communication is the foundation of success within construction. Unlike traditional office settings however, where employees have been groomed and prepared to successfully communicate, many construction workers and subcontractors must learn this skill on the job. Despite what many people say in an interview, few of us are great communicators. Great communication is one of the ways that construction disputes can be prevented.

What is the attractive nuisance doctrine?

It may be commonly understood that if one enters another's property in Sarasota without permission, they assume the risks of whatever that property's features may pose. This standard of liability is based off the assumption that the trespassing individual should know and recognize the risks those features pose. Yet what if the trespasser is your young child? Are they expected to know (as an adult does) that something that seems attractive to them might also be dangerous? 

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