If you have ever been to a retail storefront in Florida, you are probably more likely to want to frequent a well-maintained establishment. Customers are most likely going to feel much more comfortable in an environment that is free of hazards, clean and welcoming. At Dana J. Watts Attorney at Law, we have helped many people who have been the victims of injuries because of poorly maintained property.

According to Cintas, one of the things that retail store owners should be doing to protect you as the customer is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. This should include both the interior and the exterior of their property. Outdoors, they should be making sure that the walks are swept and debris is removed from pathways.

Inside, they should warn you of wet floors that may happen from consistent foot traffic coming from outside. They should also provide non-slip mats and rugs in the entrance to the building to give you a place to wipe your feet. Mats can also help to catch debris that may otherwise be tracked into the store. If you recognize a hazard that may turn into a danger, promptly report it to management to see that it is taken care of before it puts anyone in harm’s way.

When you are familiar with what retail store owners should be doing to protect you and other shoppers, you can confidently bring concerns to the attention of management if you recognize something they have missed that could endanger someone. For more information about personal injuries, visit our web page.