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Multicar accident leaves 1 dead in Bradenton

A five-car accident on US 301 near 63rd Avenue East in Bradenton, Florida, left one person dead, at least five people injured and multiple vehicles destroyed after a morning accident on Dec. 10.

According to the police, a 38-year-old resident of Sarasota was approaching the intersection in a 2001 Ford van when traffic suddenly slowed. Investigators say that it appears the driver didn't realize the vehicles ahead where slowing. As a result, he plowed his van directly into a 1997 Chevy.

How accident reconstruction experts win injury cases

Serious car accidents often occur so fast that it can be impossible to later recall exactly what happened. Even if you think you know what happened, time and your injuries may cause your memory to fail or details to fade.

That's where accident reconstruction experts often come in. They use their education and skills in law enforcement, science, physics and math to gather important evidence and piece together the events.

Is your renovation suffering from code violations?

Code violations are some of the most frequent sources of lawsuits following a construction project or renovation -- mostly because the owners of the property don't know that the violations are even there until the building fails an inspection.

Here are some of the code violations you need to be wary of in your own projects:

What injuries can occur when people slip and fall in a business?

The idea of a slip-and-fall accident is something quite a few people find humorous. There is a reason that dramatic images of characters slipping often find their ways into comedies. The physical humor of a fall can be entertaining in film or on television, but the reality of a fall can be life-altering for a real person who experiences one.

When you head to a local business, you expect an uneventful experience. For some people, unfortunately, even a simple visit to the grocery store could wind up changing their life. If someone slips on a wet surface while in a store or business, they could fall and wind up severely injured. The more you know about the most common injuries that people suffer after a slip-and-fall, the better prepared you will be to evaluate yourself after an unexpected tumble in public.

Two dead, several injured in Poinciana collision

A common misconception about the car accidents that occur in Sarasota (and throughout the rest of the U.S.) is that they are almost always the result of one's blatant recklessness or negligence. Yet there is a reason why such incidents are described as "accidents." Few people may ever actually intend to cause a car accident; rather, crashes are typically the result of a mistake or momentary lapse in judgment on the part of a driver. While such mistakes may indeed be unintentional, they still can produce devastating consequences. 

This fact was reaffirmed in a recent accident that occurred near Poinciana. While the exact details (including the cause of the accident are still under investigation), authorities do know that a woman driving along a local road apparently lost control of her vehicle and turned into oncoming traffic, where it collided head-on with an approaching vehicle. The woman and her passengers (her two young brothers and a man whose relationship with her was not reported) all sustained serious injuries and were rushed to local hospitals for treatment. The vehicle they hit was carrying a woman and her granddaughter. Sadly, both of them were killed in the collision. 

What are the advantages of being a defensive driver?

While you can make a commitment to eliminating distractions and keeping your full focus on driving safely, you will always encounter a handful of drivers in Florida whose reckless behavior is both unnerving and dangerous. Your ability to recognize hazardous drivers and maneuver around them safely and respectfully is imperative to your ability to stay safe. 

If you notice someone driving erratically including speeding, tailgating or failing to maintain their lane, you may consider taking note of his or her license plate and then finding a safe place to stop and call 911. You can report the driver and provide his or her license plate number along with details about the location of where you are driving to provide dispatchers with reliable information to find the dangerous driver quickly. 

Driving in the dark increases risk of accidents

As the seasons change, it gets dark earlier in Florida, and this means there are more people on the road during this time. Driving at this time poses increased risks compared to driving during the middle of the day, and people should follow certain tips to stay safe.

According to Popular Mechanics, there are three times the number of fatal accidents during nighttime compared to daytime. Physically, the eyes function differently in the dark, as they are less able to distinguish color, perceive depth or see peripherally. One way to improve sight at night is to dim the lights on the dash and instrument panel. It is also a good idea to check the aim of the headlights, as some point too low or unevenly. A mechanic can help correct the aim to make it easier to see at night.

Did someone handling a remodel in your home do bad work?

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. Substantial amounts of your income go toward paying for your mortgage, and you have to invest in its maintenance and upkeep. However, you make all of these payments and investments because you know that your home can continue to accrue value over time, meaning that you can sell it for a profit eventually.

Arranging for remodels or upgrades to your home systems, such as the installation of new floors or windows, can drastically increase the overall value of your home as well as your enjoyment of it while you live there. However, the benefit you may receive from investments in updating or maintaining your home will relate directly to the quality of the work performed and the materials the contractors use.

Traffic signal deaths reach a 10-year high

As a Florida motorist, you have undoubtedly noticed that red-light cameras are becoming increasingly visible on many of the state’s roadways, and with good reason – traffic signal deaths are on the rise. Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, understands that there is often a direct correlation between distracted driving and traffic signal crashes and fatalities, and we have assisted many people who suffered injuries or lost loved ones in crashes involving traffic signals seek recourse in the aftermath.

According to NBC News, since 2012, the total number of traffic deaths in the United States has increased 10%, but the number of traffic signal-involved road fatalities has skyrocketed nearly 30%. Furthermore, more than 930 people lost their lives in crashes involving other drivers who ran red lights in 2017, and current estimates suggest that two people die on the nation’s roadways every day in incidents involving traffic lights.

What is the Florida 14-day rule?

It is probably a good idea to look up legal issues if you get into a collision on the Florida roads. However, you should also probably seek medical attention as soon as possible following the accident.

Florida has a regulation commonly known as the 14-day rule. Basically, this rule sets a time limit before which you should go seek medical attention. After the limit expires, you may no longer be eligible to claim certain types of insurance benefits. However, you would still want to seek an individual review of your case, even if 14 days had passed.

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