Sarasota Truck Accidents Lawyer

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh up to 40 tons. An out-of-control semi can cause tremendous damage in a wreck with smaller vehicles. At Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, we help victims of reckless truck drivers get the financial compensation they deserve for their pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages.

Our legal team helps people in Venice and Manatee counties, Florida, pick up the pieces after a major crash caused by a truck driver. We will ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. Contact Sarasota our office to schedule a free consultation.

What Makes Semi-Truck Accidents So Dangerous

An 18-wheeler is a huge vehicle that requires extensive training and constant vigilance to operate safely. All it takes is for the driver to disregard public safety for a few moments for a disaster to happen. And a truck accident is more likely to cause you to suffer permanent disability that a collision with a smaller vehicle.

Our lawyer, Dana J. Watts, is an aggressive litigator who has a proven track record of verdicts and settlements for his personal injury clients. He understands how difficult it can be to move on after a serious accident. He will commit himself to delivering you a fair resolution to pay your medical bills and household expenses.

Often, truck accidents happen because a trucking company deliberately allowed an unqualified or negligent driver to get behind the wheel of one of its trucks or work excessive hours. As your attorney, Dana J. Watts will investigate your accident to find out if the driver's employer was indirectly responsible. If so, he will include the company in the lawsuit, potentially increasing the amount of damages you could receive.

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