What To Expect During Mediation?

Our attorney, Dana J. Watts, has been a state Supreme Court-certified mediator in southwest Florida since 1991. Having acted as the mediator in hundreds of cases, he knows how to use mediation to assist the parties toward a settlement with their attempt to settle the matter. He also represents clients in mediation.

What To Expect During Mediation

Most people have never gone through mediation. Mediation is less formal than trial and much of what happens during a mediation session depends on the mediator's personal style. Still, most mediations proceed in similar ways. The following is an overview of the typical mediation process:

  • The parties and mediator arrive. The mediator explains the rules and purposes of mediation.
  • Each party has the chance to explain their side of the dispute.
  • The mediator may separate the parties into separate rooms, then go back and forth between them to discuss possible compromises on each issue.
  • Once the parties are close to a settlement, the mediator may bring them back together to finish negotiations face to face.
  • If the negotiations lead to an agreement, the terms of the agreement will be reduced to writing. The parties will sign the agreement. If negotiations stall, the mediator reports to the court that the parties did not reach an agreement.

The mediator is a neutral third party. He or she cannot advise either party. For advice and help reaching an acceptable and sustainable settlement, you need to retain an experienced mediation lawyer. With more than 25 years of experience practicing mediation law, Dana J. Watts is prepared to provide you the practical information and forceful advocacy you need to take full advantage of this form of alternative dispute resolution.

Southwest Florida Mediator

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