One Of Southwest Florida's Most Seasoned Mediators

The primary function of the courts is litigation. Alternative dispute resolution options include arbitration and mediation. Mediation has proven to be a popular choice as an advantageous method for resolving civil litigation disputes. Attorney Dana J. Watts has served as a state Supreme Court-certified mediator in southwest Florida since 1991 and has presided over hundreds of successful, cost-saving mediations.

Mediation Services

As a neutral third party, Dana J. Watts can facilitate discussions and agreements between the parties, assisting them obtain a full resolution. Many people report that mediation has helped reduce the emotional and financial cost of courtroom litigation. Since they negotiated the settlement themselves, parties tend to feel more positive about the outcome and are more likely to abide by its terms.

Advantages Of Mediation

Mediation offers an opportunity to settle legal issues and have more control over decisions affecting your future, while reaching cost-effective solutions. If you are willing to have open and honest dialogue with the other party, regardless of your differences, you may be a good candidate for mediation. Mediators ensure that both parties feel they have power and a voice in the resolution.

Mediation can:

  • Allow you to maintain your privacy and minimize emotional stress
  • Allow you an opportunity to create solutions that are tailored to your needs
  • Take less time and money to complete than litigation
  • Help you obtain an enforceable resolution to your case

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