Mechanic's Liens

With over 30 years of construction law experience, Dana J. Watts helps developers, contractors and property owners with mechanics lien matters. When it comes to giving business clients astute counsel, nothing matches the ability to draw on an extensive track record of success in construction litigation. For assistance navigating the daunting mechanics lien system and ensuring your compliance with all notice and recording requirements, contact Bradenton and Sarasota attorney for mechanics liens Dana Watts.

If one party fails to compensate another party for the work he or she has performed, Florida law allows for the placement of a property lien. As a Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by The Florida Bar of Legal Specialization and Education, Dana Watts is a representative you can put your trust in. He understands the significance and complexities of your business dispute, and will act forcefully to assert or defend your property and mechanics lien rights.

Beyond mechanics liens, Dana Watts can assist you with a full range of construction and business law issues. You can also turn to Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, for all of your business mediation needs. Call 941-404-7053.

Experienced Advocate To Guide You Through The Mechanics Liens Process

Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in numerous construction cases, Dana J. Watts truly understands what the other party is thinking. He will build a strong case for you, whatever the circumstances of your dispute. For clients asserting a claim of lien, it is imperative to have a knowledgeable attorney directing you through the statutory requirements and ensuring that you perfect and collect on your mechanics lien. For property owners looking to lift a lien, Dana J. Watts can help you mount the best possible defense.

Contact A Sarasota And Manatee Mechanics Lien Attorney

If you want to schedule a consultation to discuss your mechanics lien issue with Dana J. Watts, Attorney at Law, contact us online. You may also call 941-404-7053 or 800-599-3181 (toll-free). Our office is located in downtown Sarasota for your convenience. Off-hours appointments can be made by special arrangement.