Tech and apps that cut down on distracted driving in Florida

Distracted driving is most certainly a huge problem in Florida and the rest of the U.S., something that has led to countless driving accidents, injuries and deaths. Thankfully, there is technology designed to address the issue and put driver's eyes and attention back on the road where they belong. A single app or similar technology can go a long way in preventing disaster and increased insurance rates.


The Groove device attaches to the steering wheel and blocks all incoming emails, texts, notifications and anything else that can distract the driver while she or he is on the road. The product also prevents the driver from sending messages while operating the vehicle. So text message senders are aware of why the recipient might take a while to answer, Groove sends a reply that the user is driving. When the motorist turns the car off, the phone resumes normal operation and the user receives all missed messages and notifications.


DriveMode is an app offered by various phone service providers that works much like Groove, but does not need an extra device that attaches to the steering wheel. Phone calls, games, social media and text messages are blocked, but users can still use navigation and stream music while driving. Parents with teen drivers can use the app to know if their child disables the app.


Those who like a bit of a challenge or making a game of safe driving might enjoy the SafeDrive app. The way SafeDrive works is drivers earn points for not picking up their phones, with points being displayed on the screen. If the driver touches her or his phone, points are lost. As an added incentive, accumulated points can be redeemed at gas stations and other participating businesses.


For those who simply cannot stand to let a text message go unread as soon as it is received, the MessageLOUD app could satisfy their desire while keeping them safe while behind the wheel. The way it works is the app reads messages and emails out loud, and the user can respond, delete or dismiss messages by tapping or swiping. While the app can still be a distraction, it cuts back on drivers looking at their phones to read text.

While some Florida drivers take measures to cut down on their distractions, not everyone else makes the same effort. Those who are rear-ended or otherwise involved in a personal injury accident due to another driver being distracted should turn to a lawyer to learn more about their legal options as well as make themselves aware of their legal rights.