High-tech cars join the fight against distracted driving
Cutting-edge safety systems are designed to help keep drivers focused on the road.

Stiff criminal and civil penalties in Florida hit-and-run car accidents
New law aims to curb the high rate of hit-and-run accidents in South Florida.

Study finds children with concussions more likely to suffer depression
Common head injuries for children may cause cognitive impairments that are not immediately visible.

Drivers over 65 receive extra attention
The Florida Department of Transportation recently increased their focus on safety programs for older drivers in the state.

Bicycle accidents happening more frequently
Thousands of Florida bikers are injured each year. Even following precautions may not help in the case of motorist negligence.

Florida imposes new ban on texting while driving
Florida has finally joined the vast majority of states in prohibiting texting while driving.

Car accidents second leading cause of traumatic brain injury deaths in U.S.
Whether a person is involved in a minor fender bender or a devastating collision, a car accident can result in serious injuries.

Accidents in Florida involving teenagers are on the rise

The Florida Highway Patrol says accidents involving teenagers are up this year, with distractions a major factor.